Weaving is one of the crafts we have interest in but never seem to attempt so we leave it to experts like Mariana Muravito.  The artist is a visual communicator, graphic, textile designer and weaver based in Mallorca. She spends much of her time researching and learning traditional embroidery and weaving techniques applying them into these exquisite Muravito creations.  

You can see more of her work on her website, Facebook and Instagram.  Her woven jewelry can be purchased in her Etsy shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Muravito. 

Jocelyn Proust

Admiring the patterns of Australian-based artist Jocelyn Proust.  Her style influenced by Marimekko utilizes clean, bold graphics and bright striking colors.  Her process begins with working in her sketchbook with pen or watercolour or cut paper. She then transforms her work digitally into patterns and designs. 

More of her work can be viewed on her website and Instagram.  A few of her products are sold in her Etsy shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Jocelyn Proust.

Trüf Creative

Trüf Creative was found by two marketing experts Adam Goldberg and Monika Lehrer.  Their Los Angeles design studio focuses on branding and digital solutions for a wide range of clients.  We were very much attracted to their ongoing illustration project exploring the plant world, Flora, which we had to post.  Love the simplicity and minimalistic approach of their work.

You can see their portfolio on their website and on Behance.

Images:  Courtesy of Trüf Creative.