Pietari Posti

PietariPostiWe have posted the works of Pietari Posti on a previous blog but he’s always worth a revisit.
The Finnish born illustrator studied graphic design in Finland and his knowledge of it is
clearly evident in his illustrative work. After finishing school he moved to Barcelona to concentrate on illustration and to set up his design atelier, Studio Posti.

You can follow him on his website, Facebook and Behance. His work can be purchased in Society 6.

Images: Courtesy of Pietari Posti.

Jo Angell

JoAngellJo Angell began her career as a graphic designer but has since turned her focus to textile and surface print design. Her contemporary work reflects a mid-century modern influence accentuated with vibrant colors. The UK-based artist describes her art journey and influences as follows:

“In the early 2000s, an exciting digital revolution was brewing and this was not only affecting my graphics work. Digital fabric and paper printing, laser cutting and other technologies enabled people to make small quantities of products themselves locally and sustainably. I was keen to use my skills and be part of this revolution.”

“I am obsessed with pattern and colour and find inspiration everywhere: plant forms, buildings or simply from a random doodle.  People have observed my work reflects a midcentury modern style which is fine with me as I love this period of design.”

Images: Courtesy of Jo Angell.

Aurelia Lange

AureliaLangeAurelia Lange is a freelance illustrator/designer based in the UK. She works predominantly in pencil and ink creating daily observational drawings of her surroundings. Web magazine, Creative and Live, fittingly describes her work as follows:

“Lines, it is what Aurelia Lange uses to creates simple, poetic drawings. She loves drawing people watching and always delivers a clear message through her work. The need to draw only the essential is striking and very much engage the audience to create its own idea of the drawing. It adds as well a bit of magic as we often wish to leave in a more delicate world.”

Images: Courtesy of Aurelia Lange.