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Nathan Ford

Love these minimized yet powerful paintings of UK-based artist Nathan Ford. The painter is known for his portraiture, still life and large urban scenes all created with a distinct style. The following quotes stand out on his interview with Passing Nightmare:

“Drawing and painting are inseparable in my world, drawing is key to everything I make.”

“Whatever I’m doing I’m fully engaged in – until it stops being engaging then I stop, because there is no reason to continue when the enthusiasm is gone.”

“I love what I do, I never chose it as a career, it just so happens it brings in enough money so as not to have to think career thoughts. I left school and started a yts apprenticeship in panel beating. I hated it, after a year my mum said why didn’t I do the art thing at college while I had the freedom and was living at home. So I did, I never planned to actually make a living out of it. I think if I had gone forward with the thought of money, my decisions my have been different.”

You can view more of his work on his website and on Beaux Arts.

Images: Courtesy of Nathan Ford.

Alice Wiese

Alice Wiese is a textile artist living and working in the San Francisco bay area. Many of her pieces are inspired by architectural patterns such as tiles, brick and wrought iron fences. Her monochromatic work is repetitive and detailed. Some of her pieces have been sold at the online gallery, Tappan Collective. On an interview with Tappan she says this about her creative process:

“Lately, I have been starting off each piece with a collected pattern or image that I have photographed. I draw it out on my canvas and then begin embroidering. I often change the pattern to make the piece unpredictable. The concepts are constantly circulating in my head. I assign a concept to one piece then deconstruct that thought while working on the piece. I believe that my work is a direct representation of how I feel and each piece is a visual therapy session of my internal monologues.”

“Stretch a canvas and just start. I don’t do any preliminary sketches or plan anything out, I work directly on the canvas. I just go for it. Most of the time the way I thought the piece would evolve is not how it ends up. Most of my pieces are based on repeating patterns I see. As soon as the pattern starts to look too formulaic, I change it up to keep the viewer on their toes.”

Images: Courtesy of Alice Wiese.



Damien Florébert Cuypers

Damien Florébert Cuypers describes himself a a ‘French illustrator with a rather nomadic lifestyle and a cabin fetish’. The New York-based artist can often be seen in international fashion venues capturing the essence of the events. We love his signature freehand style created with pastels and crayons. On an interiew with Kitsuné Journal he says about his his work and inspirations:

“I don’t focus on fashion. I guess it seems that way because covering fashion week is such a big window for my work and it happens two times a year.
I see fashion like a real life character design. Colors, shapes, movement all combine to create a story and a persona. Even if you’re not into fashion you tell a story with your non-fashion.
But I’m conflicted about this industry: I like beautiful things, I just wish they were a little more ethical and ecological.”

“Very simple things inspire me. Going for a walk is good to reboot the brain and let the mind wander. I also have a tendency to buy little beautiful trinkets and curate the objects I surround myself with, they naturally create a visual conversation when put together.
And the internet for random images on tumblr and oligarchs-hating news on Mediapart.”

You can see more of his work on Instagram and Illustration Division.

Images: Courtesy of Damien Florébert Cuypers.