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Maple Apple

Found these great knitted play veggies on the Etsy shop, Maple Apple. They are the creations of mother (Jelena) and daughter (Anastasija) design team from Riga, Latvia. The beautifully knitted vegetables are made from wool and acrylic yarn and are available as individual pieces or sold as large sets.

You can follow the duo on their blog and purchase their designs on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Maple Apple.



Jan De Vliegher

Painter Jan De Vliegher lives and works in Bruges, Belgium. He uses light, form, color, shadow and a thick painting texture to produce strong emotional contemporary abstractions. The subject matter takes a backseat role to the lush colors, dramatic brushstrokes and overpowering scale of his work. On Gow Lansford Gallery he says this about content in painting:

‘Content in painting means more to me then a good political, social or moral story, or whatever kind of meaning/storytelling. It is something poetical and emotional, pure painterly, a free way of painting, a celebration of life. My approach to painting has a formal element as well. I look at paintings in terms of color, form and composition. I like to compose, to create order by means of different compositional styles’.

And on Hilde Van Canneyt blog he says this:

“Painting is ultimately a rational thought process. Truly profound and experience your feelings without systematics as happens in the expressionist world already rapidly decays into something animate. How often it does not happen that someone in a daze think you have made an incredible job and afterwards realize that it all means nothing? I see painting as more sport where you practice a hundred percent control over what you do and where you are very focused. You also need to agree to go out of control, but calculated.”

You can follow the artist here on his website.

Images: Courtesy of Jan De Vliegher.


Matt W. Moore

Visual artist Matt W. Moore stepped away from his vibrant geometric paintings and street art to create these impressive organic mandalas. This ‘Mosaic Mandala Series’ was created with found natural elements and skillfully arranged into fascinating geometric designs. On his website he explains the project as follows:

“Having spent most of my recent years in cities, and many of my recent months indoors during the wintertime painting on canvas and paper, I decided it was a good play to take full advantage of the sunshine and wilderness and develop a series that would allow me to explore the beauty of Utah, create work with my hands, and celebrate the native color palette of the landscape.”

“This series of mosaic mandalas was created entirely with elements foraged on the mountain and in the valley : River pebbles and stones, shale, red rocks from the high elevations, dead branches from aspen trees, bark from evergreens, cattails from the lake’s edge, dried wild grasses from yesteryear, and cut dead branches exposing the rings of the tree’s life. Everything was right there for me, all I had to do was notice it’s potential.”

You can see more of his work on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Matt W. Moore.