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Masayasu Uchida

On my first trips to Japan, I purchased four landscape prints by Japanese artist and printmaker, Masayasu Uchida.  Had I more walls in my house I probably would have purchased more.  There isn’t much biographical material on the artist. I know only that he was born in 1922 and  graduated in 1943 at the then Technical High School in Yokohama training in architecture.  His creations are primarily landscapes often with seasonal references.  His profile can be viewed (in Japanese) at the Uchida Masayasu Gallery.

Images:  Courtesy of Masayasu Uchida.

Hiroyuki Yamada Alphabet

Previously we posted Hiroyuki Yamada’s water themed paintings.  We are so enthralled by his work that we opted to post his floral alphabet.  You can view the full alphabet and his other works on Tokyo Illustrators Society, Behance and Facebook.

Images:  Courtesy of Hiroyuki Yamada.