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Josie Portillo

Josie Portillo is a prolific illustrator based in Los Angeles.  She has created illustrations for a variety of clients but today we are focusing on her illustrated alphabets.  The artist is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design receiving a BFA in illustration.  She draws inspiration from mid century design, vintage children’s animation, folk art, nature and traveling.  On an interview with Red Cap Cards she says this about inspiration: 

“Reading is important to me, and is a big source of inspiration. I’m also inspired by some of the travels I’ve done and a lot of what I do is based on memories of experiences I’ve had and places, people, and things I’ve seen. As far as reference goes, I was looking at a lot of 1950’s children’s books when I was in college – I think a lot of the simplistic shapes of that era stuck with me.”

Learn more about the artist on her website, Behance and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Josie Portillo.

Ophélie Trichereau

Admiring these hand embroidered solar system created by French illustrator and textile designer, Ophélie Trichereau. She studied at Pivaut School in Nantes and is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This self-taught embroider uses embroidery thread and enhances her pieces with stones, seed and crystal beads. 

You can follow the artist on Facebook, Behance and Instagram.  Some of her work is available for purchase in her Etsy shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Ophélie Trichereau. 

Tina Kraus

Tina Kraus is a freelance paper artist and illustrator based in Munster, Germany.  About two years ago she started making paper sculptures of flowers and then progressively introduced  insects to her repertoire.  She sculpts with crepe paper and adds details with pastel chalks and paint to painstakingly create these incredibly realistic insects.

More of her work can be found on her website, Behance and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Tina Kraus.