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Kumi Kosuge

Kumi Kosuge is the talent behind the Japanese embroidery brand, EHEHE.  She studied photography in an art college but found herself leaning towards art and literature.  Embroidery started out as a hobby giving her work to friends and family.  She started to post her work on Instagram and as her followers increased she decided to take up embroidery as a full-time job.

What attracted us to her work was the inclusion of animals in her designs. She also includes some of her favorite things such as flowers, food and celebrities.

You can follow the artist on her Tumblr website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Kumi Kosuge.

Saburo Miyata (1924 – 2013)

Saburo Miyata was born in Nagano prefecture in 1924.  He started his career after WW2 and worked in Tokyo heading the Hanga Institute to promote Japanese printmaking. His major work was created from 1970 to 1984 a series of self-carved and self-printed woodblock prints depicting the sceneries of Japan.  

Images:  Courtesy of various sources.

Cassiopeia Ceramics

We love these handmade ceramic pins created by Kasia under the brand name, Cassiopeia Ceramics.  The artist and ceramist is from Minsk, Belarus.  Wish we can give you more information but very little was available.  

More of her work can be viewed on Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Cassiopeia Ceramics.