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Margaret Nazon

Admiring this incredible beaded universe created by Margaret Nazon, an accomplished and recognized fabric artist living in a small fishing community of Tsiigehchic, Northwest Territories of Canada.   In 2009 she started beading cosmic images based on the Hubble space telescope pictures.  She creates galaxies, nebulae, stars and the aurora using glass beads of various sizes and stitches them to black velvet or canvas.  She studied Fashion Design at the Lethbridge Community College and Business Administration at the Medicine Hat College, Alberta and she owns her own craft business “Nomad Designs” in Inuvik, NWT.

More of her work can be viewed on her website and on Facebook.

Images:  Courtesy of Margaret Nazon

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is an American letterer, illustrator, and type designer based in San Francisco. After graduating in 2006 from the Tyler School of Art with a degree in Graphic and Interactive Design she worked for two companies in Philadelphia. She launched her freelance career in 2009 citing her appreciation for the balance between work and personal life. In an article on the Ways We Work she says this about why she does what she does:

“There’s two things. One is that I just love the process. It’s super meditative for me. I like having constraints. I love the world of design and commercial art. I’m not one of those people that’s going to swear off clients forever, because I like the purpose that a client-driven work style brings. There’s enjoyment in having someone at the other side of it be happy.”  

More of her work can be seen on her website and Instagram.  Some of her merchandise can be purchased here.

Images:  Courtesy of Jessica Hische.

Kae Kanamori

Found these bags and accessories on two of our favorite Japanese sites for handmade products, Iichi and Minne. We love the patterns and the application of the designs on various items.  The Tokyo-based artist, Kai Kanamori, draws the patterns, dyes the patterns on linen and sews the finished handcrafted product.

The artist graduated from Nagoya University of Arts and worked as an illustrator.  In 2015 she officially launched her brand, Kaeson.

You can follow the artist on her website, Facebook and Instagram.  Her products can be purchased on Minne and Iichi but we’re not certain if they do international sales.  

Images:  Courtesy of Kae Kanamori.