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Brad Cuzen

We don’t know too much about this graphic designer and illustrator, Brad Cuzen, but we do know that we delight in his work.  The Durban, South Africa-based artist studied graphic design in Durban University of Technology, worked at Parsons Branding and is currently available for freelance work.  

You can follow the artist on Facebook, Dribble and Instagram.  

Images:  Courtesy of Brad Cuzen. 

Hang in there…

Taking a Holiday blog break. See you in the New Year

Photo: ©Cari Mateo. All rights reserved.

Camille Chew Jewelry

We previously featured the masks of Camille Chew and today we follow up with her amazing jewelry designs.These hand-painted pieces were sold in her Etsy shop which is currently on vacation mode.  Hopefully, she brings them back with additional new designs. 

Her bio can be read on our earlier post and you can follow the artist on her website, Behance and Instagram.  Some of her items can be purchased on Red Bubble and Society6.

Images:  Courtesy of Camille Chew.