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We are always on the lookout for great stationery items and found a few in this Korean online shop and design studio, P.Palette. We particularly admire the simplicity of her designs and her packaging. We have no information on the name of the designer but this is what she wrote on her website: 

“Hello. I am a designer. I studied web design and video and I am still interested in it. You can see my life through Instagram and YouTube. I run a lifestyle stationery store.” 

You can follow the designer on her website that includes her shop, Youtube and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of P.Palette.

Takeno Senko

Found these fabrics on handmade market site, Iichi. These beautiful Hirali fabrics are manufactured in Sakai City, Osaka, a town that has been producing towels, yukata and cloth diapers for centuries. They have recently developed a new technique called roll printing that enables them to dye with different front and back colors. This double-sided saturated dyeing technique is considered revolutionary worldwide.  Takeno Dyeing Company are the printers and the product is sold under the brand, Hirali. 

Images:  Courtesy of Takeno Dyeing Company and Hirali.

Okiie Hashimoto (1899 – 1993)

Okie Hashimoto pursued a classical study of art and painting for four years graduating from the College of Art in Tokyo.  He was one of Japan’s finest woodblock printmakers having been influenced by his teacher and friend Unichi Haratsuka. Hashimoto was part of the Japanese movement of printmakers that were changing the traditional approaches to their craft.  His bold use of color is his signature trait with his main subjects being gardens, castles and figure studies.

Images:  Courtesy of various sources.