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Anastasia Pribelskaya

AnastasiaPribelskayaMoscow-based jewelry designer, Anastasia Pribelskaya, creates jewelery and art-objects inspired by nature’s natural forms and textures. She utilizes both traditional and contemporary blown glass, lampwork and metalclay techniques. She is a creative director at the Russian Glass Academy and teaches at her own studio, Rowan Craft.

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Some of her work can be purchased on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Anastasia Pribelskaya.

Ana Hagopian

AnaHagopianThese incredible paper jewelry are the creations of Barcelona-based artist Ana Hagopian. The accessories are made primarily from recycled paper, natural fibers and fabrics. Here’s what the artist says about her work:

“I play with paper, cutting and sticking to create volumes and shapes. My source of inspiration is nature and its infinite creations, its limitless colours, its surprising textures. paper is contradictory, provocative and humble because it is ephemeral. using it as a material has its roots in the philosophy of arte povera, which restores the value of the idea, intuition, thought and the individual. when i’m creating my works, i unconsciously seek primal contact, the constant wonder of childhood, the magical vision that transforms the prosaic and everyday into something new and marvellous. my process is intuitive, through my hands i come into contact with the material, which guides me towards the final form.”

You can follow the artist here on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Ana Hagopian.

Derya Aksoy

DeryaAksoyIstanbul-based jewelry designer Derya Aksoy has created a full range of accessories based on
colorful and exotic butterflies. Each butterfly piece is made by transferring wing images onto sheer organza fabric and carefully arranges them brass and antique chains. On an interview with World Artisan Gems the artist says this about her inspirations:

“My biggest inspiration source is my surroundings. I’m a big fan of nature and I believe the most amazing designs/creations are already in the nature only not made by people. I mean look at the amazing patterns on animals, or color combinations on flowers, the veins on the wings of a tiny bug, there is no wrong, everything is so breathtakingly beautiful! My maze towards nature is definitely mirrors on my designs. The other one I would say is the culture I’m from. What I observed visually and emotionally when I was growing up definitely show themselves through my creations. I don’t plan to do so but that just happens, I believe that is same for all the other artists.”

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Her unique jewelry can be purchased on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Derya Aksoy.