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We’ve featured the work of Harriet Damave on our older blog site but we feel her work is always worth a revisit. The Amsterdam-based artist is actually an illustrator very adept in water coloring. She has integrated that talent painting cobalt oxide on half baked porcelain and producing a line of Delftware jewelry, wall hangings, and ornaments. On the website she says this about her work:

“My ceramic work was born because I had gotten completely stuck — like I think everybody has at one stage in their creative career. I was illustrating for a living, mostly school books, and living in Spain; at one point I couldn’t seem to draw anymore, and I thought, maybe with a trick I can get myself painting and drawing again,” she explains.

“I decided to try to take away the ambition of making something purely artistic and instead focus on making something useful, like a cup or a plate. That lowered the pressure for me, and it’s kept me going and painting — and playing, also. Then I found the joy again, the joy of the craft.”

You can see more of her work on her website and Facebook. Some of her pieces are sold on her Etsy shop, Harriet’s Blue and White.

Images: Courtesy of Harriet Damave.






Sakiyama Takayuki

These elegant stoneware are the works of Japanese ceramist, Sakiyama Takayuki. The artist graduated from Osaka Art College and set up a studio and built a special kiln on the west coast of Japan. On Beautiful People Liveart he says this about his work:

“All of my work is inspired by the sea, especially the natural curve created by the waves. When I was in junior high school I knew I had to find a way to be an artist and live by the sea. For three years after graduating from Osaka Art University, I traveled throughout Japan looking for an inspiring ocean view to set up my studio. I found that ideal spot on the west coast of the Izu Peninsula”.

The artist does not currently have a website but you can see more of his work at Mirviss Gallery.

Images: Courtesy of Sakiyama Takayuki.

Wallflower London

wallflowerlondonThese incredible ceramic flowers are the creation of London-based ceramist and graphic designer, Vanessa Hogge, whose one-off designs are sold under the brand Wallflower London.
Inspired by all things botanical she transforms earthenware and porcelain into dahlias, chrysanthemums, agapanthus, daisies, agaves and roses. In an article on Tenderfoot Design she says this about her work:

“I was working as a graphic designer and it was soul destroying doing corporate work. So I left, thinking I would work as a freelancer. There was always a bag of clay around the house. One morning, I just started working with it and gradually the idea of decorative flowers for walls came out of the clay.”

“My mother and grandmother were fierce gardeners. I grew up in Africa with these gorgeous plants and flowers. I haven’t followed directly in their footsteps, but the porcelain flowers are my way of keeping the tradition alive.”

You can follow the artist on her website and on Facebook, Instagram and Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Wallflower London.