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10P10CFound these great bag accessory series called “hagi hagi” on Japanese online handmade site, Iichi. They are the creations of textile artisan Yoko Toyoda who studied the techniques of color paste printing and dyeing. The artist creates her fabric collage utilizing a combination of natural materials including dyed cloth and recycled cotton denim and linen. These pieces are sold under the brand, 10P10C, here on Iichi.

Images: Courtesy of 10P10C.

Anne Ten Donkelaar

AnneTenDonkelaarIt’s spring and a good time to revisit the floral 3-dimensional collages of Dutch artist, Anne Ten Donkelaar. The artist uses pressed flowers, dried stems and cut flower images that are placed on pins to create a compelling depth that casts alluring shadows to these very intricate landscapes.

Images: Courtesy of Anne Ten Donkelaar.

Ekaterina Panikanova

EkaterinaPanikanovaRussian-born artist Ekaterina Panikanova arranges vintage books, notebooks and prints to use as an oversized canvas on which she creates her intriguing ink and acrylic paintings. The artist uses images to evoke recollections and thoughts inviting us to ‘read between the lines’. Really would love to see these up close.

Images: Courtesy of Ekaterina Panikanova.