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Jung Jung

JungJungLittle information can be found for Japanese artist, Ito Amika. She started playing with needle and thread at a very early age. She studied painting at an art university and worked in many jobs before she went solo in 2012. We are totally engrossed with the realistic detailing of her crochet creations sold under the brand name, JungJung.

Images: Courtesy of JungJung.

Andrea Brena

Andrea-BrenaBeen wanting to try arm knitting for sometime and now have found two items, carpet and bean bag, that we would love to make. Berlin-based product designer, Andrea Brena, has created ‘Knitted Army’, a collection of woven furnishings using discarded fabric strips collected from textile factories in Italy. Fortunately, one outcome of Brena’s colorful and tactile collection is the revival of the art of arm knitting and crochet.

Images: Courtesy of Andrea Brena.

Renilde de Peuter

Renilde-de-PeuterWhile looking for crochet projects we found these circular potholders on the Japanese online store, Uguisu. They are the creation of Belgian textile artist and crafter, Renilde de Peuter, who shares much of her work in her blog, At-Swim-Two-Birds. Color and design elevates these simple utilitarian objects into a product with strong aesthetic appeal.

Images: Courtesy of Renilde de Peuter.