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Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo

Found these great linen bags with embroidery on both sides in the Japanese handmade market site, Creema. These are sold under the brand name, Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo.  The Japanese embroidery method is sashiko which means “little stabs”. The running stitch was traditionally used to reinforce or repair worn fabrics but today it is primarily used for decorative purposes. Purl Soho has an abridged description of the craft on their tutorial page.

We found very little information on the maker but you can follow them on their website and see more of their work on Instagram and on Creema.

Images: Courtesy of Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo.



Yumi Umeda

We often browse the Japanese market site, Minne, and regularly find great hand crafted items.  The embroidered items shown above is the work of Yumi Umeda and sold under the brand, YumYumYum. There’s very little biography on the artist but she has worked as an illustrator for books and magazines.

You can follow her on her official website, Creema, and Minne.

Images: Courtesy of Yumi Umeda.

Cabbage Stitches

Finally got around to trying our hands at embroidery. The two photos on top shows our first completed sampler. Might just try what fiber artist Renee Millette from Chicago has started, “A Stitch A Day”. Probably wouldn’t do it for a year but perhaps for 100 days. Renee’s specialty is embroidery primarily cross stitch. You can see more of her work on Tumblr and Facebook.  A few of her designs can be purchased on her Etsy shop, Cabbage Stitches.

Images: Courtesy of Renee Millette.