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KyototoCoveting some of these products from Japanese online shop and brand, Kyototo. The name represents the blending of the traditional and contemporary centers of Japan, Kyoto and Tokyo. They did just that with the fusion of traditional production technique and contemporary embroidered products and motifs. Be sure to check out their shop as they provide international shipping. We never tire of the Japanese “less is more” approach to design.

Images: Courtesy of Kyototo.

Javier Herrero

TIPILampsWe love this TIPI lamp created by Valencia-based product designer, Javier Herrero, for Spanish online shop, Buokids. The table lamps are made from natural materials, beech wood and wool felt. The soft ecru felt is embroidered with simplified and updated graphics inspired by Native American motifs giving the lamp a handcrafted quality.

Images: Courtesy of Javier Herrero Studio.



rRradionicaThis impressive collection of fiber art jewelry is the creation of a group of very talented Serbian family that includes the mother, Margita, and her three daughters, Mariajana, Hristina and Aleksandra. They employ a variety of traditional techniques of crocheting, knitting, hand weaving, embroidery, and felting to create these colorful and timeless accessories sold under the brand, rRradionica. The pieces are embellished with paper, vintage beads, bamboo beads and fabric covered buttons. Amazed at their success given the fact that they live in a country where supplies and services are often limited. You can view more of their designs on their blog and can also follow them on Facebook. Their jewelry can be purchased here on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of rRradionica.