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Carola Van Dyke

CarolaVanDykeThe ‘textile taxidermy’ collection is the work of UK-based artist Carola Van Dyke. The unique animal heads created with scraps of fabric were successfully launched in 2011. She was later commissioned to create the heads using Liberty signature fabrics.

Images: Courtesy of Carola Van Dyke.

Inés Esnal

InesEsnalPrism is an on-site installation created on concrete walls of an industrial style lobby. New York- based architect and artist, Inés Esnal, created the triangular surfaces with elastic colored ropes. The natural skylights above and the positioning creates an optical illusion of varying geometric shapes.

Images: Courtesy of Inés Esnal.

Livia Marin

LiviaMarin2Revisiting London-based Chilean artist, Livia Marin, whose work consist of ceramic, resin, plaster and transfer print.

Images: Courtesy of Livia Marin.