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Christo Guelov

christoguelovLoving these colorful geometric crosswalks created in Madrid by visual media and conceptual artist Christo Guelov. Entitled, “Funny Cross”, the designs were developed to encourage people to cross the street safely making the crosswalks more visible to both pedestrians and drivers. On his profile he writes this about his work:

“Movement makes time visible, is the formal change. Distinguishing the terms: “things” of “events”, “mobility” of “immobility”, “time” of “timelessness”, “to be” or “to become”, my attention is focused on the “space-time” time. Temporality of the space, relativity of “the whole” and recurrence of the time in the life cycles are the target of my experiments and determine the nature of my work.”

The artist can be followed on his website, Facebook and Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Christo Guelove and Rafael Pérez Martinez.

Jessica Drenk

JessicaDrenkAdmiring the sculptures and wall installations of Florida-based artist Jessica Drenk. The artist uses a variety of mass produced materials such as pencils, books, toilet paper, pvc pipes to create these incredible organic shapes. Her artist statement found in Galleries Urbane clearly explains her intent:

“My work is a response to, and experimentation with, materials. My inspiration comes from nature; I am constantly amazed by the diversity and beauty of the forms and patterns in nature. We often think of our immediate surroundings as being “man-made”, but man-made materials still behave according to the same principles as the natural world-they come from nature. Because nature is based on patterns and principles of organization, I look for man-made materials that might be manipulated according to similar patterns and principles.”

Images: Courtesy of Jessica Drenk.

Gail Rieke


We were first attracted to the wall of suitcases filled with found objects relevant for the work of assemblage artist, Gail Rieke. The collage, assemblage, installation artist, teacher, and world traveler lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is internationally recognized. We love her travel journals and souvenirs stored in a variety of vintage cases. Visit her website to see more views of her studio and assembly work.

Images: Courtesy of Gail Rieke.