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Masao Seki

MasaoSekiJapanese artist, Masao Seki, created these amazing minimal wire sculptures. The delicate pieces are crafted from thin gauge wire and designed into items that shows the artist’s appreciation for the simple things in life. You can purchase his work on Japanese online shop, Five Feet from the Ground. What luck…this shop provides international shipping.

Images: Courtesy of Masao Seki and Five Feet from the Ground.

Kokeshi Matches

KokeshiMatchesIf you’ve been following Cari Mateo for awhile, you know that we have a deep respect and fascination for Japanese art and culture. Stumbled on to this collection of matchsticks designed by Japanese artist, Hiromi Hirasaka, and knew we had to post it. The artist began by drawing match faces by hand then decided to hand stamp the faces for mass production. Would love to get some of these Kokeshi Matches but unfortunately like many Japanese products they are available only in Japan.

Images: Courtesy of Hiromi Hirasaka.

Yumi Okita

Yumi-OkitaThese stunning moth and butterfly sculptures are the creations of Japanese textile artist, Yumi Okita. The North Carolina-based designer creates these large pieces using different materials – cotton, feather, faux fur, embroidery thread and painted fabric. The pieces are sold here in her Etsy shop, which is currently showing a sculpted poppy that may be the start of a botanical series. Anxious to see her impending creations.

Images: Courtesy of Yumi Okita.