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We love the fabrics and product extensions of this Japanese textile brand, Makumo. The tiny garage brand is the brainstorm of Japanese designer, illustrator and screen printer Miki Fukuyama. Her four member company designs, prints and makes all their products in Fukuoka, Japan. Some of their products are available here in their English online store. Their shoe collection is available here at Onitsuka Tiger.

You can follow this group on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Makuma.


Hide Kawanishi (1894-1965)

hidekawanishiHIde Kawanishi was born in the international port city of Kobe, which inspired much of his work. He was a son of an affluent family of merchants but from childhood had always wanted to be an artist. He took a correspondence course in art from Tokyo but mostly he was self-taught, producing about a thousand print designs in his life. He is quoted on My Japanese Hanga as follows:

“I have never had a teacher of painting. I am absolutely self-educated and have painted what are not paintings. Having walked and found my own path, I am just what you may call a dilettante. I may complain about losing my youth, but there are things that I shall never lose such as innocent mind and thrills, creativity, originality, and a fresh sense of popularity and clarity. To become plain is the last thing I want to be.”

Images are from various sources.

Mika Hirasa

mikahirasaAttracted to the unique artisan style of Japanese illustrator and embroidery artist, Mika Hirasa, who freelances under the name, “Micao”. She draws pictures using a combination of machine sewing, hand embroidery, applique and fabric painting, all of which were self-taught. Her work ranges from advertisement for major companies to cover art for books and magazines, and even collaborative works with a household goods manufacturer.

You can follow her on her website, Facebook and Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Mika Hirasa.