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MunieruIn awe of the skill when I think that these leather talismans are handmade. Found them at the Japanese online handmade market, Iishi. The leather miniature mascots are hand dyed and hand sewn and can be attached to your bag or pouch. The items are sold under the brand name, Munieru, and can be purchased here at Iishi.

Images: Courtesy of Munieru.


IronomoriDon’t be surprised if I do repeat postings on this Japanese brand, Ironomori. Really liking their embroidered pins and earrings. Since the last posting on our old blog site, they have created another style that combines original illustration and embroidery. You can follow them on Facebook and purchase their collection on Japanese handmade market sites, Creema, Iichi and Minne.

Images: Courtesy of Ironomori.

Akane Mirkhani

AkaneMirkhaniAdmiring the watercolor illustrations of Japanese artist, Akane Mirkhani. She attempts successfully to represent comfort with these simple and subtle watercolor vignettes. You can  see more of her artwork on her website, and purchase her postcards here on the Japanese handmade marketplace, Iichi.

Images: Courtesy of Akane Mirkhani.