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Ryo Takemasa

RyoTakemasaThese great renderings were created by Japanese illustrator, Ryo Takemasa. The Tokyo-based freelance artist has produced a number of illustrations for books, magazines and advertising. You can see more of his works on his website and on Behance. Some of his prints are available here at Society 6.

Images: Courtesy of Ryo Takemasa.


Fabrica Uka

FabricaUkaToda Ayumi is the designer, illustrator and creator of the Japanese brand, Fabrica Uka.  She screen prints her pattern designs on linen and uses it as the basis for her textile product line. The embellishments of embroidery, beading and fabric applique make her contemporary creations truly unique.

Images: Courtesy of Fabrica Uka.

Hitomi Hosono

HitomiHosonoLondon-based ceramist, Hitomi Hosono, has studied porcelain work in both the Japanese and European traditions. Her current collection is inspired by leaves and flowers, of which, she says: “I find myself drawn to the intricacy of plants, examining the veins of a leaf, how its edges are shaped, the layering of a flower’s petals. I look, I touch, I draw.”

Images: Courtesy of Hitomi Hosono.