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Chinami Ricketts


Chinami Ricketts is the other creative partner of the Indiana-based textile company, Ricketts Indigo. Trained as a weaver Chinami crafts traditional yardage for kimono and obi. She studied indigo dyeing, indigo cultivation and processing in Japan. An apprenticeship in kasuri and weaving formed the foundation of her work today. She says this about her craft:

“…I never consider my weavings as fine art. While fine art strives to visually or otherwise address a larger audience, my kimono are intended simply to fill the intimate environment of the wearer with joy.”

“In the weaving of kimono I verify my own existence through the recollection of my ancestors and all those who employed these same techniques before me.”

Images: Courtesy of Ricketts Indigo.


Rowland Ricketts


Textile artist Rowland Ricketts starts with a handful of indigo seeds and uses traditional dyeing methods to create art installations and home accessories. The ones shown above are runners and noren (fabric dividers) partitions. The artist together with his wife, Chinami Ricketts, created Ricketts Indigo. He says on his site statement:

“I find great value in this connection indigo provides to a greater human tradition. Of equal value to me is the time and energy I invest in the farming, processing, and fermenting of this dye. As a dyer I strive to transfigure all the energy of human endeavor expended on this dye so that its vitality lends its life to and lives on in the dyed cloth.”

Images: Courtesy of Ricketts Indigo.


Guse Ars

GuseArsEnlightened by this cooperative project from Japanese design pair, Guse Ars. Designers Takahiro Murahashi and Satomi Iwase created this line of “washed patterns” using small found ceramic pieces washed ashore on the beach. The pieces were reconfigured and repeated to create these unique collection of blue patterns. You can see more of their work on their website and follow them here on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Guse Ars.