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Tiffany Calder Kingston

TiffanyCalderKingstonTiffany Calder Kingston considers art as her voice for the environment. Born in Melbourne she moved in 2004 to be close to her creative inspiration, the natural environment of Byron Bay. On her website she writes this about her environmental art:

“As many artists may understand, once we have placed the first mark on a blank canvas it begins a journey into the depths of our creative souls. Each line, shape, color are no more than a dialogue between the source and the artist. This is our visual voice.”

“My artwork is an interpretation of natures dialogue. It is an understanding of my ancestry but most of all it is a fascination of the human species and our relationship to the planet. I have studied many cultures that worship elements of nature and yet many who neglect it. Not only is this evident throughout the planet but even within our local environment.”

“What I see… In nature I believe each element connects or is linked together energetically as one cannot exist without the other. The landscape I see is not just the hills of a horizon line instead it is the layers beneath the earth, within the waters depths, the root systems, and the seeds that are the new beginning. My interest in the wetlands for example is because of its diversity and the lineage of generations of plant matter, which are the foundations for the growth of new life.”

You can follow the artist here as well on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Tiffany Calder Kingston.

Anastasia Savinova

AnastasiaSavinovaAdmiring the artwork of Sweden-based visual artist, Anastasia Savinova. Particularly liking the drawings, paintings and architectural collages shown above. In an interview with Landescape Art Review she says this about what defines a work of art:

“What defines a work of art for me is its ability to affect the senses or emotions. Art gets you to slow down and travel into it. You wander in an artwork’s space, thinking, recalling something, surprising.dreaming, smiling. enjoying.”

“Sometimes, art creates a tension, but it is not a destructive tension, it is rather a creative tension. Art makes difference. I’m not saying that art can change the world, but it adds beauty, fullness and joy, that contributes to our well-being. Art can make a huge difference or a tiny difference, but a tiny difference is still a difference, isn’t it?”

You can follow the artist on Facebook and see more of her work on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Anastasia Savinova.

Keiko Minami 1911-2004

KeikoMinamiNot too much is known about Japanese painter and print maker, Keiko Minami. Orphaned at a young age she expressed an early interest in art and poetry. She studied aquatint etching in Paris where many of her early works were sold.  Eventually she became well known for her work with UNICEF greeting cards and book illustrations. A website in her honor was recently developed and can be found here. Many of her prints can be viewed here on Artnet.

Images: Courtesy of Keiko Minami and Artnet.