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Nathan Ford

Love these minimized yet powerful paintings of UK-based artist Nathan Ford. The painter is known for his portraiture, still life and large urban scenes all created with a distinct style. The following quotes stand out on his interview with Passing Nightmare:

“Drawing and painting are inseparable in my world, drawing is key to everything I make.”

“Whatever I’m doing I’m fully engaged in – until it stops being engaging then I stop, because there is no reason to continue when the enthusiasm is gone.”

“I love what I do, I never chose it as a career, it just so happens it brings in enough money so as not to have to think career thoughts. I left school and started a yts apprenticeship in panel beating. I hated it, after a year my mum said why didn’t I do the art thing at college while I had the freedom and was living at home. So I did, I never planned to actually make a living out of it. I think if I had gone forward with the thought of money, my decisions my have been different.”

You can view more of his work on his website and on Beaux Arts.

Images: Courtesy of Nathan Ford.

Stephanie K. Clark

Amazed at these incredible embroidered pieces created by Salt Lake City-based artist Stephanie K. Clark. The artist considers herself a painter using a mixture of paint, chalk, pencil and thread. On her website she writes about her ‘thread painting’ craft as follows:

“The process of transforming string into art struck me as something visually stimulating with complex simplicity. My background in painting has allowed me to explore the material using techniques that derive more from the worlds of drawing and painting, engaging both traditional and innovative techniques in employing formal qualities with density, texture and pattern.”

“The embroidery floss is my palette and the needle is my paintbrush. I create a method of embroidering the threads in an arrangement that would initially create value, color, depth and as I lay the colors down they instantly blend themselves. This process has had its way with me, leading me from hobby to art. My work is an ode and influenced by the worlds of tapestry and my love for craft. Using thread instead of oils has allowed me to bring new purpose to my painting process. My work blurs the lines between fine art and craft.”

You can see more of her work on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Stephanie K. Clark.


Julie Sarloutte

Hard to ignore these paintings with thread created by French artist Julie Sarloutte. The graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Paris focuses on embroidery to create these detailed pieces where the individual stitches appear to be paint strokes. Her work draws inspiration from what the world news is covering. In her own words she writes:

“In my work I mix elements of folk and everyday imagery, often violent: disasters, war, urban repression … omnipresent in the media. Reflecting the fascination of the screen, I take the time to embroider what usually happens in a split second.”

You can follow the artist on her website and on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Julie Sarloutte.