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Julie Sarloutte

Hard to ignore these paintings with thread created by French artist Julie Sarloutte. The graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Paris focuses on embroidery to create these detailed pieces where the individual stitches appear to be paint strokes. Her work draws inspiration from what the world news is covering. In her own words she writes:

“In my work I mix elements of folk and everyday imagery, often violent: disasters, war, urban repression … omnipresent in the media. Reflecting the fascination of the screen, I take the time to embroider what usually happens in a split second.”

You can follow the artist on her website and on Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Julie Sarloutte.

Hide Kawanishi (1894-1965)

hidekawanishiHIde Kawanishi was born in the international port city of Kobe, which inspired much of his work. He was a son of an affluent family of merchants but from childhood had always wanted to be an artist. He took a correspondence course in art from Tokyo but mostly he was self-taught, producing about a thousand print designs in his life. He is quoted on My Japanese Hanga as follows:

“I have never had a teacher of painting. I am absolutely self-educated and have painted what are not paintings. Having walked and found my own path, I am just what you may call a dilettante. I may complain about losing my youth, but there are things that I shall never lose such as innocent mind and thrills, creativity, originality, and a fresh sense of popularity and clarity. To become plain is the last thing I want to be.”

Images are from various sources.

Kazumi Yoshida

kazumiyoshidaKazumi Yoshida is a multimedia artist and long time art director of the American textile firm, Clarence House. His unique style and versatility can be seen in his paintings, textile designs and sculptures which has been widely exhibited in the United States, Europe and Japan. You can see his work on his website and some of his colorful prints can be purchased at Tiger Flower Studio.

Images: Courtesy of Kazumi Yoshida.