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Ruth Asawa 1926 – 2013

RuthAsawaRuth Asawa, artist and educator, was born in 1926 in Norwalk, California, one of seven children. She is celebrated as a modernist sculptor but her art training at Black Mountain College in North Carolina was in basic design and drawing (some of her works on paper shown above). She never stopped creating drawings, paintings and sculptures and in her later years became an active proponent in art education. She writes this about her teaching philosophy based on her personal experience:

“A child can learn something about color, about design and about observing objects in nature. If you do that, you grow into a greater awareness of things around you. Art will make people better, more highly skilled in thinking and improving whatever business one goes into, or whatever occupation. It makes a person broader.”

Images: Courtesy of the Estate of Ruth Asawa.

Gosia Herba

GosiaHerbaWe love the illustrations of Polish illustrator Gosia Herba but we’re focusing today on her sketches for her simplicity in approach and her unusual angular proportions. On an interview with Eye on Design (AIGA) she says this about her work:

“Illustration is my whole life,” she states. “I know that sounds banal, but it’s true. I draw everyday. I wake up at 8:30 a.m. and at 9:00 a.m. I start my work. My day usually ends at 8:00 p.m., though sometimes I work until midnight.”

“Experiments with media are an important stage of my work process. Each technique influences the style and character of the image. My favorite medium is gouache paint. I like its velvet-like color,” Herba explains. “I also use ink, paper cut-outs, and Ecoline. When working on illustration for magazines, I often use a graphic tablet.”

You can follow her on Behance, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and purchase her prints and paintings on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Gosia Herba.

Anna & Elena Balbusso

Anna&ElenaBalbussoAdmiring these graphic illustrations of women’s head with high hairstyles inspired by women’s hairstyles of the 18th Century. Twins Anna and Elena Balbusso are the award winning illustrators that created these images. Their style merges drawing, painting and graphic design combined with an expansive knowledge of art history.

On an interview with Folio Society they have these suggestions for budding artists:

“It is important to study the history of art and to know the past as well as the present. Always strive to improve. Try to be very critical of yourself but never give up – although it is a very difficult job. Follow and respect one’s personality, don’t follow the trend of the moment. If you do, the risk is to be used and thrown away in a short space of time. At the same time it is important to know about new trends and tastes. Don’t forget it is a commercial world, but be careful in your choice of projects. It is important that the quality of your work keeps growing. Interpretation is more important than technique and special effects. Young artists must not work for free, only if it is for charity. And last but not least, enforce the law on copyright!”

Website, Facebook and Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Anna and Elena Balbusso.