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Joana Rosa Bragança

Joana Rosa Bragança is an artist and prolific illustrator based in Olhão, a town located in the southern part of Portugal.  We will feature her illustrations on a future post but for now we are focusing on these simple and elegant linocut prints she created for a color exhibition in Portugal. Amazing what can be produced with simple shapes, lines and three colors.  On an interview with Post Crossing she says this about her inspiration:

“I get a lot of inspiration from the people I see, not only the people of my hometown, with their strong characters and looks, but also the foreigners who pass by, who are a lot these days. One of my favorite themes is the beach and bathers, and here I have plenty of “models” to observe! Still, not all my characters are inspired by real people, some of them happen to be really bizarre and come directly from my imagination. I also love to draw all sorts of animals and plants.”

More of her work can be seen on her website, Behance, Instagram and Facebook.

Images:  Courtesy of Joana Rosa Brangança.

Yasuko Aoyama

Yasuko Aoyama is a printmaker based in Sendai City, Japan She is the creator of these large format eraser stamp prints. The artist has been drawing since she was a child but realized she could express her favorite colors, textures, lines and shapes by carving on an eraser.  On an interview in Global Fashion Street she say this about her source of inspiration:

“I often draw things that I think are beautiful in what I see every day. Sometimes I draw it as it is and sometimes I replace certain things that I feel can emphasize the beauty of the concept. Recently, I drew an octopus that appeared in my dream.  I also try to make pictures that I can imagine from literary works and music that I come across.”

You can follow the artist on her Tumblr website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Yasuko Aoyama.

Rod Nelson

Rod Nelson is a self-taught master printmaker based in Gloucestershire, UK.  We are so admiring his recent woodblock prints of waterfalls that we just had to post his work.  More can be said about him but we prefer to hear words from the artist himself: 

“I have, for my whole life, worked with wood and that has undoubtedly helped me with some aspects of woodblock printmaking. Although I have been making woodcuts for many years now, I am still continually excited by the potential of this ancient medium. Woodcut makes images that simply can not be made in any other way. It sits on the boundary between art and craft – and anyone making woodcuts will quickly experience the delights and terrors of both.”  – Interview from Print Day in May

More of his work can be found on his website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Rod Nelson.