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Jessica Drenk

JessicaDrenkAdmiring the sculptures and wall installations of Florida-based artist Jessica Drenk. The artist uses a variety of mass produced materials such as pencils, books, toilet paper, pvc pipes to create these incredible organic shapes. Her artist statement found in Galleries Urbane clearly explains her intent:

“My work is a response to, and experimentation with, materials. My inspiration comes from nature; I am constantly amazed by the diversity and beauty of the forms and patterns in nature. We often think of our immediate surroundings as being “man-made”, but man-made materials still behave according to the same principles as the natural world-they come from nature. Because nature is based on patterns and principles of organization, I look for man-made materials that might be manipulated according to similar patterns and principles.”

Images: Courtesy of Jessica Drenk.

The Tokyo Cork

TheTokyoCorkWe love the cork seat stool that we found in the Japanese online store, The Tokyo Cork. 80% of this natural material (cork) is harvested in Portugal and Spain but the plant does not grow in Japan. They have, however, found a process to recycle discarded wine bottle corks and created this impressive product line. The handmade stool seat itself requires about 350 used corks.

Images: Courtesy of The Tokyo Cork.

Andrea Brena

Andrea-BrenaBeen wanting to try arm knitting for sometime and now have found two items, carpet and bean bag, that we would love to make. Berlin-based product designer, Andrea Brena, has created ‘Knitted Army’, a collection of woven furnishings using discarded fabric strips collected from textile factories in Italy. Fortunately, one outcome of Brena’s colorful and tactile collection is the revival of the art of arm knitting and crochet.

Images: Courtesy of Andrea Brena.