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Camilla Chew Masks

These incredible mixed-media masks are the creations of Camille Chew, a free-lance illustrator originally from Ithaca, NY but is currently based in Providence, RI.  She graduated from Alfred University where her focus was on printmaking.  Her work explores themes of mythology, fantasy, and the occult. On an interview with Light Grey Art Lab she says this about her creative process:

“Whatever I’m making, I always start by deciding on a color palette.  For digital illustration, I usually don’t do much sketching, maybe jus a quick stick figure to map out a character’s pose.  All the basic shapes are blocked in and then comes the fun part-drawing in all the patterns and details.  I keep a library of textures and patterns that always adding to.  It’s full of digitally made patterns, scanned in watercolor washes and hand-drawn patterns, as well as brushes that can be used like stamps.”

You can follow the artist on her website, Behance and Instagram.  Some of her items can be purchased on Red Bubble and Society6.

Images:  Courtesy of Camille Chew.

Paola Alonso

Amazed by these food sequin art created by Bogotá-based artist, Paola Alonso. She is a publicist, a creative copywriter by trade.  She worked for 10 years at various advertising agencies before embarking on these sequin projects. She has exhibited in various venues and is currently teaching her craft on Domestika

You can view more of her work on her website, Facebook and Instagram.  Some of her pieces can be purchased in her online shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Paola Alonso.

Tina Kraus

Tina Kraus is a freelance paper artist and illustrator based in Munster, Germany.  About two years ago she started making paper sculptures of flowers and then progressively introduced  insects to her repertoire.  She sculpts with crepe paper and adds details with pastel chalks and paint to painstakingly create these incredibly realistic insects.

More of her work can be found on her website, Behance and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Tina Kraus.