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Blanca Helga

BlancaHelgaThese fun and whimsical paper toys are the creation of Madrid-based illustrator and film maker, Blanca Helga. They are created primarily with found paper and cardboard using a collage technique and can be purchased under the brand, Paper Friends, in her Etsy shop.  More of her incredible work can be seen here on Flickr.  On an interview with ‘The Tools Artists Use’ she distinguishes her application of digital and non digital tools:

“The starting point is always non-digital. I feel freer and closer to the work, when I touch the paper with my hands. Another reason is that I love the warm, imperfect look of the non-digital materials. But I need most of the time the digital tool to finish the work.”

Images: Courtesy of Blanca Helga.

Masao Seki

MasaoSekiJapanese artist, Masao Seki, created these amazing minimal wire sculptures. The delicate pieces are crafted from thin gauge wire and designed into items that shows the artist’s appreciation for the simple things in life. You can purchase his work on Japanese online shop, Five Feet from the Ground. What luck…this shop provides international shipping.

Images: Courtesy of Masao Seki and Five Feet from the Ground.

Felt Mistress

FeltMistressLouise Evans aka Felt Mistress along with her partner, illustrator and toy designer, Jonathan Edwards, has brought a large menagerie of amazing creatures to life. We are particularly enamored with the color combination and detail work on her felt beetle collection. Visit her website or follow her on Flickr to view more of their incredible collaborative creations.

Images: Courtesy of Felt Mistress.