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Paula Kovarik

You really have to get up close to fully appreciate the work of art quilter Paula Kovarik.  The Memphis-based artist received her degree in graphic design and is the creative director and owner of a graphic design studio specializing in communications. Textile art materialized when her mother encouraged her to take a quilting class.  She says this about her work:

“Stitching is an extension of my thoughts through my hands. This slow art, textural and multi-layered, reveals a product born of concentration on an idea and hours of application. There is a point in every piece that I recognize as the moment when body, soul, and statement come together in the product. It is when I declare to myself: I stand by this work.” 

You can view more of her designs on her website.

Images:  Courtesy of Paula Kovarik.

Julia Astreou-Christoforou

Wouldn’t at all mind spending a few months in Cyprus to attend the workshops of weaver, Julia Astreou-Christoforou. The Nicosia-based textile designer specializes in woven textiles particularly traditional Cypriot weaving.  Tradition and history permeates  all her work bringing the past into the present.    

More of her work can be viewed  on her website, Facebook and Instagram.  Some of her items can be purchased in her Etsy shop.

Images:  Courtesy of Julia Astreou-Christoforou.

Petra Wolzak

Admiring this new series of embroidered portraits created by Amsterdam-based artist, Petra Wolzak.  This series entitled, “Fighting Females”, honors a group of women who achieved enormous progress for their families, their village, their country, their world.  Her colorful portraits are constructed of leather, embroidery thread, wool, and glow-in-the-dark twine. The first of this series features explorers and people of the North and South Poles.

More of her work can be seen on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Petra Wolzak.