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Ruby Berry

RubyBerryRuby Berry is a Canberra-based textile artist who uses natural materials and traditional
processes to create sculptural textile works. She says this about her practice on an interview with Lip Magazine:

“My practice is about exploring how I can bring traditional textile materials and processes into the contemporary art world. My making revolves around traditional techniques, hand spinning and weaving, and transforming these techniques into sculptural art forms. I have recently begun experimenting with sensory work, exploring sight, smell and touch to create interactive and engaging spaces.  My recent work looks at how I could evoke a sense of protection and comfort through textile associations and sensory engagement.”

You can find Ruby Berry on Facebook and follow her blog on Tumblr.

Images: Courtesy of Ruby Berry.

Waffle Design

WaffleDesignWaffle Design is a line of hand embellished home interior accessories created by UK-based designer, Ciara McGarrity. The base of each product is the traditional waffle weave fabric hand embroidery with pops of color throughout. You can follow Waffle Design here at Facebook.

Images: Courtesy of Waffle Design.

Kazuhito Takadoi

KazuhitoTakadoiNagoya native Kazuhito Takadoi creates these embroidered composition using materials he has grown and selected in his own garden. The horticulture and art graduate hand threads leaves, grasses and twigs onto heavy handmade washi paper. He writes this about his art:

“Nature is both my inspiration and my source of material, which is provided in abundance from my garden and allotment. There are no added colours, everything is natural, simply dried then woven, stitched or tied.”

Images: Courtesy of Kazuhito Takadoi.