Min Lee

MinLeeSeoul-based ceramic designer and illustrator Min Lee has created this charming line of ceramic pins, rings and chimes. She graduated from HDK School of Design and Craft in Sweden and opened an online shop, Minini, soon after graduating. You can follow her on Facebook and purchase her designs here on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Min Lee.

Nineteen Seventy-Three

GrafikaRegarding highly this brand of gift wrapping paper called Grafika, created by UK online shop, Nineteen Seventy-Three. They are printed on thick 100% recycled post consumer waste. We love the classic geometric patterns and the bold use of color.

Images: Courtesy of Nineteen Seventy-Three.

Masu Boxes

OhashiRyokiMasu boxes have been around for over 1300 years and originally used as food measuring cup. Today they are used primarily as sake drinking vessels but can also be used as wooden cases, display boxes or gift boxes. These wooden boxes are produced without nails. They are precisely cut and wedged together using a small amount of glue. The great designs shown above were created by Japanese company, Ohashi Ryoki Ltd., who has been making these boxes for over 60 years.

Images: Courtesy of Ohashi Ryoki Ltd.