Chris Bracey

ChrisBraceyHave always wanted neon artwork in my home like these created by the late British artist and designer, Chris Bracey, who owned one of the largest collection of neon signs and sculptures outside the U.S. Many of his designs are one-off pieces so they are really quite rare. You can view his gallery of work on the website, Gods Own Junkyard.

Images: Courtesy of Gods Own Junkyard.

Lynnie Zulu

LynnieZuluAdmiring the vibrant artwork of UK-based illustrator, Lynne Zulu. Her illustrations indicate a strong African influence:  colorful, energetic, exotic with a bold tribal appeal.
She says this of her work in an interview with creative website, It’s Nice That:

“My work used to be quite stripped back, pen to paper; no crazy embellishments or juxtaposing of materials. Now I feel I’ve grown into my work and by experimenting with photoshop I’ve found it to be hugely influential as to how I now approach a piece, taking layers and effects into greater consideration. Sketchbooks have always been a huge part of my work because my work is so spontaneous as it’s always a surprise to see how my illustrations evolve.”

Images: Courtesy of Lynnie Zulu.