BarruntandoAnimal lovers will appreciate these miniature ceramic pieces from Spanish company, Barruntando. The company was formed with a group of girls from different areas of Spain all with a common hobby, ceramics. Eyeing the whimsical yarn bowl for myself. Following is their mission statement:

“Our main goal is to provide a small breath of fresh air to the ceramic, resulting in bright and casual designs, handcrafted with raw materials and traditional techniques, one by one; why all our jobs are unique, no two are alike.”

You can follow them here on Facebook and purchase their items here on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Barruntando.

Nastia Sleptsova

NastiaSleptsovaReally appreciating the artistry of Ukrainian freelance illustrator, Nastia Sleptsova. Love the simplicity and the muted calming tones of her illustrations. She carries this minimalist approach as well in the blog description of herself:

“My name is Nastia Sleptsova.

born in Crimea, living on Lvov / Ukraine

I draw and make stuff.

Here I show my works and some pictures of my life.

Feel free to contact me:


besides, here is our family project of me and my sister Katya:


 Images: Courtesy of Nastia Sleptsova.

Fulana Beltrana Sicrana


The art dolls shown above are the creations of Lisbon-base artisan, Benedetta Maxia, who recycles vintage fabrics to create these one-of-a-kind dolls and accessories. She also collaborates with illustrators, designers and brands when developing her incredible collections. The dolls are sold under the brand name, Fulana Beltrana Sicrana and can be purchased here on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Fulana Beltrana Sicrana.