Ruby Robin Boutique

RubyRobinBoutiqueThese elegant miniature terrarium jewelry are the creations of Irish designer/maker, Khrystyna and sold under the brand name, Ruby Robin Boutique. She describes her creations as follows:

“I create wearable keepsakes, microcosms of memories that can be kept close to our hearts and worn where ever life takes us. I hope that in wearing my jewellery you can share in that sense of wonder, find a moment of comfort in an ever accelerating world and express a facet of your self with a keepsake that fits, truly and perfectly with you. In the words of Ralph Emerson, ‘nature always wears the colours of the spirit.’”.

Images: Courtesy of Ruby Robin Boutique.

Eley Kishimoto

EleyKishimotoEley Kishimoto is a British fashion and design company who creates by their maxim, “Print the World”. Founded in 1992 by Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto the company is primarily known for their print designs in womenswear fashion. They have also worked with partners to create these amazing wallpaper patterns. Visit their website to see how their prints are applied to a variety of consumer products.

Images: Courtesy of Eley Kishimoto.

Steph Marshall


Having a strong desire to roam I am naturally attracted to maps and travel related graphics. These city alphabets and maps are the creation of freelance illustrator and printmaker, Steph Marshall. Love the whimsical approach and bright, bold colors of her hand printed art some of which can be purchased here on Not on the High Street.

Images: Courtesy of Steph Marshall.