Tom Haugomat

We are loving the elegant illustrations of Paris-based artist Tom Haugomat. There is a real sophistication in his work with amazing compositions, simple color palette, and an excellent use of negative space. Lack of space does not allow us to post more on this blog but you can view much of his work on Tumblr, Instagram, Behance and on Handsome Frank, his art agency.

Images: Courtesy of Tom Haugomat.


Anastasia Suvorova

There’s very little information about St. Petersburg-based illustrator and printmaker, Anastasia Suvorova. We do know that you can follow her on Instagram and Behance. Also some of her awesome designs are available in the Etsy shop, HexProofPress.

Images: Courtesy of Anastasia Suvorova.

Andrea Hauer

Andrea Hauer was born in Chile and lives and works in Madrid, Spain. The visual and mixed media artist creates “low-tech” contemporary pieces recycling materials, images, and experiences. She is “obsessed with time, process, changes, memory, traces and thinks that used materials “carry” memories. She believe, as an artist, that we should use what surrounds us, these being experiences, materials and/or objects.”

You can see more of her work on her website, Twitter and Instagram. She sells a few pieces in her Etsy shop, Hauering.

Images: Courtesy of Andrea Hauer.