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Makoto Kagoshima

We are big fans of Japanese ceramic artist Makoto Kagoshima.  We love his whimsical motifs of animals and plant life on clay. Born in Fukuoka, Kagoshima studied pottery at an art college under the influence of his grandfather who used to be an artist.  Now he is involved not just in pottery, but also in a wide range of activities such as textile and product design as well as print art.

More of his work can be viewed on his website, Instagram and Facebook.

Images:  Courtesy of Makoto Kagoshima.

Sabeena Karnik

Sabeena Karnik is an artist and graphic designer living in Mumbai, India.  She is internationally known for her quilled illustrations and typography.  She has mastered the art of quilling, rolling paper into coils, pinching them into shapes and gluing them to create decorative designs.  On Verve Magazine she say this about her art:  

“I am not aware of anyone else doing it as a full-time profession in India. When you think of creating with paper, it’s always considered to be for gifts. Quilling is something that you learn in a hobby class; no one really thought of taking it to the next level. I wanted to break that barrier.”

More of her work can be seen on Behance, Facebook and Instagram.  She has a small shop here on Big Cartel.

Images:  Courtesy of Sabeena Karnik.

Andrea Ucini

Andrea Ucini is a self-taught freelance illustrator born in Italy but living and working in Denmark. He has a classical music degree from the Conservatory of Florence but has also a passion for illustrative drawing which he has cultivated over the years.  His work is minimalistic and usually with a plot. He simplifies a complex story in a single illustration often accompanied with a twist of humor. In an article on Collater.al he says this about himself:

“I am very interested in how the world works,” he says, “and I am very critical and curious in all respects. My works take shape from a message that I try to make visible and consistent with the reality that surrounds us, without falling too much in the Surrealism “.

More of his work can be viewed on his website, Behance and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Andrea Ucini.