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Siiri Väisänen

Siiri Väisänen is a Finnish illustrator and graphic designer currently based in England. Her style is colorful and textured showing an appreciation for simplicity and geometric shapes. She is inspired by Scandinavian folk art and her interest is in editorial and book illustration as well as in animation. In an article on Makers Movement she says this about her biggest challenge:

“Being consistent! I tend to have creative periods when I am constantly making something and have multiple projects to work on. Then I have times that I feel like not doing much at all and only do little things at a time. I think the tough part has been to accept it and be chill about it. Not doing much stresses me out, and that’s not good for creativity. It’s good to remember that you can’t create amazing things all the time, and that it’s okay to have a little time off. I has also been important to learn to do and create things that I like to make, not something that I think others would like me to make. Even as an illustrator and working with clients it is important to keep your own vision and stay true to yourself. It’s not always so easy, and I still have a lot to learn.”

More of her work can be viewed on her blog, Instagram and Behance.

Images: Courtesy of Siiri Väisänen.

Niharika Hukku

These incredibly delicate paintings on paper and porcelain are the work of Sydney-based artist Niharika Hukku. Her love of nature is apparent in her amazing work creating natural scenes that range from fluffy white clouds to schools of swimming fish. She tells us a bit about herself on an interview on Lost at E Minor:

“I have a degree in fine arts specialising in painting. I fell into a career in illustration very early on and continued to work for over a decade before I shifted my focus to ceramics. Though I enjoyed my job as a commercial artist, I felt the need to do something personal and organic and also wanted to spend more time with clay.”

“My most treasured experience would be my first time on a potter’s wheel. It was exciting and I was impatient to make tall beautiful forms immediately. I still have the first piece I threw on the wheel. While it was small and imperfect, I think it beautiful for it reminds me of all the hope I had for myself in learning something new.”

You can find the artist on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Niharika Hukku.

Natasha Newton

Admiring these elegantly and minimally painted stones created by UK-based illustrator, Natasha Newton. The artist meticulously chooses the precise nature images and intricate patterned designs that compliment the particular shape, color, and natural markings of the stone. On an interview with Pikaland she says this about her thought process and inspirations:

“I get ideas all the time, and often at odd times when I’m least expecting them. They seem to appear from nowhere, but of course this can’t be true. I try to jot down a few written notes on paper as soon as I can, just so I won’t forget the general idea or initial thoughts, and sometimes I’ll make rough sketches too. I don’t tend to work on incredibly detailed preliminary sketches though, preferring just to have an idea of the composition and allowing the piece to develop as I’m working on it.”

“Nature, books (I collect art and design books, as well as unusual children’s storybooks), the changing seasons, trees and forests, bonfires and full moons, other artists, Scandinavian design (I desperately want to visit Norway and Sweden), love, and of course birds.”

You can follow the artist on her website, Facebook and Instagram. Some of her pieces can be purchased in the shop, NatashaNewtonArt.

Images: Courtesy of Natasha Newton.