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Akie Nakata

Akie Nakata from Japan calls herself a stone artist who “wants to paint the life, the living spirit of being she feels inside the stone.” The paintings are done on large pebbles with the artist painstakingly studying each shape until she can imagine the animal within.

You can see more of her stone paintings on Facebook and on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Akie Nakata.

Ookubo Tsugumi

Admiring the illustrations of Japanese artist Ookubo Tsugumi who stacks different colors together creating amazing textural effects in her work. We know very little about the artist. Her short bio tells us that she graduated from Nihon University Art Department and works mainly with markers.

You can view more of her work on Tumblr and on Groundoohart.

Images: Courtesy of Ookubo Tsugumi



Whenever we travel to Japan we always bring back a few of these Pochi Bukuro, small envelopes to enclose a token of your gratitude. They come in a wide variety of designs including traditional, seasonal and contemporary. We found these modern designs at Japanese site, Klastyling. We love the simplicity of the designs and felt that this would be a wonderful weekend project. Complete instructions in Japanese can be found here.

Images: Courtesy of Klastyling.