Alice Wiese

Alice Wiese is a textile artist living and working in the San Francisco bay area. Many of her pieces are inspired by architectural patterns such as tiles, brick and wrought iron fences. Her monochromatic work is repetitive and detailed. Some of her pieces have been sold at the online gallery, Tappan Collective. On an interview with Tappan she says this about her creative process:

“Lately, I have been starting off each piece with a collected pattern or image that I have photographed. I draw it out on my canvas and then begin embroidering. I often change the pattern to make the piece unpredictable. The concepts are constantly circulating in my head. I assign a concept to one piece then deconstruct that thought while working on the piece. I believe that my work is a direct representation of how I feel and each piece is a visual therapy session of my internal monologues.”

“Stretch a canvas and just start. I don’t do any preliminary sketches or plan anything out, I work directly on the canvas. I just go for it. Most of the time the way I thought the piece would evolve is not how it ends up. Most of my pieces are based on repeating patterns I see. As soon as the pattern starts to look too formulaic, I change it up to keep the viewer on their toes.”

Images: Courtesy of Alice Wiese.



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