Anastasia Savinova

AnastasiaSavinovaAdmiring the artwork of Sweden-based visual artist, Anastasia Savinova. Particularly liking the drawings, paintings and architectural collages shown above. In an interview with Landescape Art Review she says this about what defines a work of art:

“What defines a work of art for me is its ability to affect the senses or emotions. Art gets you to slow down and travel into it. You wander in an artwork’s space, thinking, recalling something, surprising.dreaming, smiling. enjoying.”

“Sometimes, art creates a tension, but it is not a destructive tension, it is rather a creative tension. Art makes difference. I’m not saying that art can change the world, but it adds beauty, fullness and joy, that contributes to our well-being. Art can make a huge difference or a tiny difference, but a tiny difference is still a difference, isn’t it?”

You can follow the artist on Facebook and see more of her work on Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Anastasia Savinova.

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