Andrew Faulkner

Admiring these spectacular depictions of our favorite city, San Francisco.  They are the creations of contemporary landscape artist Andrew Faulkner. This Bay Area painter was born into a family of artists, designers, and architects, his paintings fuse the structural sensibilities of his architect father and the often riotous color sense of his interior designer mother. He uses rich color to express a dramatic sense of light and space.  The following quotes from the artist gives us an inkling of his painterly style:

“As a child I celebrated coloring outside the lines. Those loose imperfect marks define my gestural painting style to this day.”  

“Many of my landscapes use what I call an “invented color space” where color is used to break up the composition and achieve a sense of depth and atmosphere that can be open to the interpretation of the viewer.” 

More of his work can be viewed on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Andrew Faulkner.

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