Anne Ulku

AnneUlkuAnne Ulku is an independent illustrator, designer and typographer based in Minneapolis, MN. She has created this stitch font which was inspired by the embroidery stitch options on the computerized sewing machine. “Each character includes illustrated patterns of common stitches and details that have come together to form a full alphabet.” On an interview with Light Grey Art Lab she says this about creating:

“As a creative, it is always important to just keep creating. Being able to commit to a daily or a weekly project forces you to always be thinking of the next and to always stay inspired. Experimentation happens quite a bit through this process, as with this volume of work, you’re always looking to do better than the last, or to try something new. It is a learning process with both producing work, and with your own visual style. As you keep creating, it can expand your own library of design and illustrations, as well as finding the best way to produce the objectives for a project.”

You can follow her on Tumblr and view her projects at Dribble.

Images: Courtesy of Anne Ulku.

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