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Tea Heritage

TeaHeritageThinking about making my own tea bags after seeing French Etsy shop, Tea Heritage. The bags are the creations of Lyon-based Elodie Fagot who is influenced by childhood memories, travel and trends.

Images: Courtesy of Tea Heritage.

Zemer Peled

ZemerPeledMy bumper sticker, if I had one, would probably read, “I stop for flowers”. That’s what I did when I saw these beauties on the Colossal website. The porcelain florals were created by Israeli ceramist, Zemer Peled. The pieces are constructed from ceramic shards of blue cobalt traditionally used in Japanese pottery. You can view more of these amazing sculptures here in her portfolio.

Images: Courtesy of Zemer Peled.


BrokenFabImpressed by the beadwork created by Swiss designer Fabienne Morel. Her designs combine three of her passions: beading, dancing and textiles. The bold geometric designs are heavily influenced by ‘80s and ‘90s club and pop culture as well as post-modernist designs. Her mosaic silk scarves are often based on the beading patterns, and visa versa. Find out more about the collection on their label and website, Brokenfab.

Images: Courtesy of Brokenfab.