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Daun Jeong

daun-jeongDaun Jeong is a South Korea-based artist whose chosen medium is fabric. She uses texture, color and patterns of cloth in creating these intriguing fabric drawings. Couldn’t find very much information about the artist but on her website she says this about her work:

“The most important and frequently used media in my work is fabric. I’m interested in visual aspects that come from the act of seeing. Fabric has been chosen as the medium not to make a narrative or conceptualize personal life but to express my artistic interest. Fabric Drawing is literally a painting that is drawn with fabric. Visual effects are minimized and a pure expression of fabric constitutes the artwork. In other words, I make paintings by using texture, color, and patterns of fabric, seeking new possibilities of visual effects in the painting genre.”

You can follow the artist on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images: Courtesy of Daun Jeong.

Bettina Krieg

BettinaKriegBettina Krieg is a visual artist based in Berlin. She is known for her detailed pieces drawn  with a paintbrush, a quill and a fineliner on paper. In the artist’s ‘about’ page Lisa Sintermann writes this about her:

“When Bettina Krieg draws, she does so equally intuitively. She allows her lines to grow step by step, without focusing on the result. The line becomes a trace of her concentration and openness in the making. The artist never corrects her hand drawn lines, but leaves them as they were first inscribed. In this way the drawing unfolds – it comes into being.”

“Bettina Krieg’s works consciously refrain from giving answers to questions of length, beginning, and ending. Her drawings have no titles. They depict nothing concrete, but challenge the imagination of the unsuspecting viewer. The artist is holding up a mirror – the images we discover reflect our own imaginations. Allow us to give in to the drawings, and see organs, muscle fibers, swallows, bays, heart sounds, frequencies or mountain landscapes.”

Images: Courtesy of Bettina Krieg.

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