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Anastasia Pribelskaya

AnastasiaPribelskayaMoscow-based jewelry designer, Anastasia Pribelskaya, creates jewelery and art-objects inspired by nature’s natural forms and textures. She utilizes both traditional and contemporary blown glass, lampwork and metalclay techniques. She is a creative director at the Russian Glass Academy and teaches at her own studio, Rowan Craft.

You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Some of her work can be purchased on Etsy.

Images: Courtesy of Anastasia Pribelskaya.

Baptiste Debombourg

BaptisteDebombourgOur niece introduced us to this incredible on-site installation created by French sculptor, Baptiste Debombourg. The artist uses many layers of reclaimed material, glass, wood, nails and white paint to mimic a flood of rushing water. The site-specific installation was created at the Abbey Brauweiler in Germany. In his artist statement he writes about his projects:

“All my projects are somehow related to aspects of human relationships: our mistakes, our doubts and desires, as well as perceptions we each have of our own realities. My work explores the nature of our psychological relationships with objects, looking for the potential space between reality and the ideal model we aspire to achieve.”

Images: Courtesy of Baptiste Debombourg.

Nick Mount

NickMountThe beautiful collection of glass sculptures shown above is the work of Australia’s master craftsman, Nick Mount.  This most accomplished and celebrated studio glass artist was named Living Treasure: Master of Australian Craft in 2012.  In one of his exhibition entitled, ‘The Fabric of Work’, he was quoted as saying:

“I identify as a maker and believe “work” is fundamental in the development of identity. This principal extends well beyond those of us that call ourselves “craftspeople” and, for me, the fabric of our community is, to a large extent, determined by the work we do with our hands.”

Images: Courtesy of Nick Mount.


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