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Veronika Richterová

VR2These incredible regenerated chandeliers are the work of Czechoslovakian artist, Veronika Richterová. The artist together with graphic artist husband, Michal Cihlár, have chronicled everything related to PET (polyethylene teraphtalate) bottles as the highly malleable bottle has proven to be an excellent material for her artistic endeavors. Since 2004 her work has been focused primarily on PET-ART (plastic bottle art) and creative recycling. Be sure to view the amazing animal and plant sculptures on her website as well.

Images: Courtesy of Veronika Richterová.



If I lived in Warsaw, Poland I would probably try to get a job at this studio, Thisispaper. The multidisciplinary design studio was founded by Alexander Zakharov and Zuzanna Gasior. Really liking these bags and rucksacks in their shop, particularly the labeling of these items. Here are a few things they have written about themselves on their website:

“At Thisispaper Shop we source and make items that are lasting, sustainable and well-designed, which we believe should be a norm, not luxury.”

“We value timeless over trendy, few over many and plain over fancy – that’s probably the most condensed way of putting into words what Thisispaper Shop is about.”

“All of them (products) are made with respect for the Earth’s scarce resources and little concern for passing trends.”

Product Tag Line:  “What we save, saves us”.

Images: Courtesy of Thisispaper.


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