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Dominique Corbasson

DominiqueCorbassonAdmiring the work of French illustrator, Dominique Corbasson. The artist first worked in the fashion industry as a designer for upholstery and children’s clothing, while maintaining her passion for drawing. She became a full time illustrator in 1993 with her drawings used primarily for advertising and fashion. She has illustrated children’s books and has exhibited her work internationally. You can see more of her illustrations in the unofficial blog dedicated to her, Looking for DC.

Images: Courtesy of Dominique Corbasson.


RudeLondonOf course we first spotted their shoe repeat pattern but was then mesmerized by their bold and colorful landscape and building illustrations. These are the works of London-based illustration agency, Rude, founded by husband and wife team, Abi & Rupert Meats. The trained graphic designers launched a successful international t-shirt label
which brought in commissions to illustrate, design and manufacture for various clients.

Images: Courtesy of Rude.

Melissa Castrillón

MelissaCastrillonAdmiring the illustrations of UK-based freelance illustrator, Melissa Castrillón. Thought we would share her perspective on the importance of the sketchbook for her work:

“Sketchbooks play a couple significant roles in the development of my work, primarily I keep sketchbooks as a kind of visual dumping ground. It’s a cathartic way of getting ideas down, out of my head, through sketches, experiments and colour studies, then seeing all of these separate elements in one place helps me to piece together a single or series of images, though quite often the best work comes out when no planning is involved. Sketchbooks also help me to not become to precious with my work. When it comes to creating a ‘final image’ I often use the images straight from my sketchbooks, they have more life and spontaneity to them and the sketchbook as a physical book helps me to understand how to read through pictures. From the turning of a page I can develop each image to follow the next and to hopefully tell a story.”

Images: Courtesy of Melissa Castrillón.

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