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Tatsuya Tanaka

Art director and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka has been creating miniature dioramas since 2011 and has compiled them into the Miniature Calendar Project.  He has taken miniature men and women combining them with everyday objects in everyday an unusual and amusing ways.

More pages from his miniature calendar can be viewed on his website, Instagram and Facebook.

Images:  Courtesy of Tatsuya Tanaka.

Cone of Shame

Found this post on This is Colossal and since we are dog lovers, well, we just had to share.  This photo series, Cone of Shame, is a collaboration between photographer, Winnie Au, and costume designer, Marie-Yan Morvan.

Winnie Au is an award-winning fashion, lifestyle, portrait and dog photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.  You can follow her work on her website and on Instagram.  Marie-Yan Morvan, born and raised in Paris, is an art director and a designer who creates props, environments and costumes.  She can be found on her website and on Instagram as well.

Images:  Courtesy of Winnie Au and Marie Yan Morvan.

Pierre Pellegrini

After all the holiday frenzy we crave nothing more than serenity.  These photographs by Swiss-based photographer and architect Pierre Pellegrini are exactly what was needed.  We happened upon the  artist on This is Colossal where he explains his work:

“I simply photograph what I feel, and am always looking for moments and situations where everything is in its place.”

“I try to find a sort of harmony between what I see and what I feel.”

You can see more of his photographs on his website and on Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Pierre Pellegrini.
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