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Roger Broders (1883 – 1953)

We’ve had a strong desire to travel during these pandemic months but unfortunately it’s quite impossible to do so.  We thought that viewing these posters might alleviate the longing.  Roger Borders was a French illustrator and artist best known for his travel posters.  He worked for the Paris Lyon Mediter­ranean Rail­road Com­pany cre­at­ing travel posters for a period of ten years, from 1922 to 1932, producing approximately 84 posters.  He is best known for his posters promoting tourism destinations in France but he also created loca­tions out­side France, such as Algiers, Tunis, Rome and Flo­rence.  His style was sim­i­lar to other travel poster artists but in 1928 he changed his signature and his style cre­at­ing posters that made him so pop­u­lar and set him apart from other artists.

Images:  Courtesy of various sources.

Antonius-Tín Bui

Admiring this series of cut-paper posters confronting silent issues of being a model minority.  They are the creations of Antonius-Tín Bui who proudly identifies as a queer, gender-nonbinary Vietnamese-American artist. He has received fellowships from various art institutes and has exhibited at several venues.  In an interview on the Curator Site he say this about why he makes art:

“I still find myself waking up every morning with more questions and doubts than answers. Art has been a vehicle for me to connect with my multifaceted identities in meaningful ways. It has allowed me to collaborate with community members who challenge me to expand my ways of thinking, seeing, moving, tasting, hearing, etc.” 

“I identify as an artist because the label is constantly in flux, allowing me to define and redefine my role on my own terms. When I say I make art, I mean I am an activator, educator, community builder, maker, performer, connector, lover, etc.”

You can follow the artist on his website and on Behance.

Images:  Courtesy of Antonius-Tín Bui.
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