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Choi So Young

Choi So Young is a contemporary artist from Korea. She is best known for her urban landscape compositions made from discarded denim clothing and acrylic paint.  She explores city life in range of highly textural and detailed works.  Every button, seam, pocket, and belt loop find its place to depict a specific detail of a picture — they become a street, a window or a building. The Korean artist often ‘draws’ her hometown of Busan, the second largest city of the Republic of Korea and its largest port. She has exhibited in many art fairs and her work has sold in auctions at staggering prices.  Unfortunately, we have not located a website for her.

Images:  Courtesy of Choi So Young.

Stefaan de Croock

Stefaan de Croock, a Belgium painter and sculptor creates wall sculptures made entirely from reclaimed wooden panels, doors, and furniture.  His murals adorn various buildings in Belgium deliberately choosing locations pertinent to the each design such as the side of an old furniture factory. His training and experience as a graphic designer puts a clear mark on his artistic vision.  In Facebook he says this about his work:

“My drawings and murals are populated by urban influences, but I combine them with organic forms and lines. My artworks are a combination of improvisation and construction. Spontaneity is very important in my work.”

The artist can be followed on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

Images:  Courtesy of Stefaan de Croock. 

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