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PlaytypeCoveting those handmade concrete letters available in the Danish online shop, Playtype Concept Store. The concrete slabs were made in collaboration with Danish designer and architect Sigurd Larsen. Playtype is primarily a foundry and an online font shop promoting Danish type design. Their Concept Store shows their fonts in play on different product categories.

Images: Courtesy of Playtype Concept Store.


Jazmin Velasco


If you have read Jane Austen’s books you should be familiar with the quotes illustrated on these linocut prints created by artist, Jazmin Velasco.  Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Jazmin studied graphic design, illustration, oil painting and printmaking. She is inspired by the works of Jose Guadalupe Posada and Saul Steinberg. Would certainly love to hang these graphic prints in my library.

Images: Courtesy of Jazmin Velasco.



Kolme in Finnish means “3”. This Japanese jewelry atelier/brand was founded by three designers who met at a metal engraving school. After graduating and having gone their separate ways they met again to form Kolme jewelry. My fondness for type, of course, drew me to those alphabet earrings.

Images: Courtesy of Kolme.